In 2012 Cymer and Charles were members of a local band called Infernal Death. When Cymer was ask to contribute some new riffs, for the group, it quickly became apparent, they do not match the old-school, death metal style of Infernal Death.
This inspired Charles to start a new music project with Cymer and ask Daray (Dimmu Borgir, ex - Vader) to join it

Daray agreed to be a part of a band and became the permanent drummer.
The very first name of the band was Symbolic
(as a tribute to the death metal pioneers: Death)
but it was a common and widely used name, so the suffix ‘- al’ was added.

Hertz Studio in 2013. Just before finishing the recordings Charles had a serious car accident.  He slammed into moving train. Fortunately, the train was going really slowly, otherwise it could have ended up much worse. Nevertheless the recovery took him a year. 

On 15th May 2015 'Collapse in Agony' was released under the Fonografika
and Tune Project label.

Here is one of the review you can find on Metal Archives:

So obviously, there is depressive black metal, but I wasn’t sure if
“depressive death metal” was really a thing. In any case,
if I were to classify Symbolical’s sound, I can’t really think of a more
fitting term. It’s death metal, sure, but it’s just so dark and dreary.

After releasing the album, the band was ready to promote it, playing many concerts around Poland.
Konrad 'Sloq' Sloczynski joined the band in 2015.
Sloq and Cymer already played together, in a black metal band: Heritage (lead by Sloq).
Because of Daray’s other commitments, he was unable to participate in all of the live shows, so Krzysztof Szałkowski helped Symbolical out, filling in, for Daray, live.

The following years brought the band’s second album and some other changes.  When Symbolical entered the studio for the second time, 
Charles was replaced by Lukas. 
Charles himself picked out Lukas as his replacement, but never gave up on the band. He still contributes lyrics. 

’Allegory of Death’ was published by Via Nocturna in 2018.
The second album continues the concepts the group explored on their debut LP.
Here's a review from Metal Trenches:
‘’I already enjoyed Collapse In Agony quite a bit, but Allegory Of Death is another
step forwards for Symbolical. It’s heavier, better produced, and overall feels like
a natural progression for the band. I strongly suggest giving it a spin.’’

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